Digital Marketing


✓ 2.5 month Long Course

✓ 2 Hours per day

✓ Daily Assignment / Projects / Doubt solving

✓ 24/7 Private Community Support / Revision session

✓ Both Physical / Online available

✓ Verified Certificate

✓ Everyday recording available

✓ Internship guaranteed


Now to bridge the gap between industry and IT students Vrit Technologies is launching, Become a Digital Entrepreneur – Complete Digital Marketing Course.

Become a Digital Entrepreneur Complete Digital Marketing course by Vrit
Technologies covers Email Marketing, WordPress Development, Google Ads, Blogging and Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E- commerce Marketing and many more. Everything you need to know as a digital marketer.

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital technologies, such as the internet, social media, mobile devices, search engines, and other digital channels to promote products, services, or brands.

The main objective of digital marketing is to reach and engage with potential customers, build brand awareness, increase sales, and drive revenue. This can be achieved through a variety of tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

Digital marketing also involves analyzing data and metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, optimize strategies, and improve overall performance. With the help of digital tools and technologies, marketers can target specific audiences, track user behavior, and tailor marketing efforts to deliver personalized experiences.

Overall, digital marketing offers a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a wider audience and achieve business goals. It has become an essential part of marketing for businesses of all sizes and industries in today’s digital age.


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Basics of Digital Marketing

– About Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

– Hierarchy in Digital Marketing

– Role in Digital Marketing

– Scope & Career Opportunities

– Skills to become Digital Marketers

– How to start Digital Marketing

– Validate Business Idea

– Market Research

– Buyer/ Audience Persona

– Defining Sales Funnel

– Creating a Lead Magnet

– Creating Brand Persona

– Volunteer’s selection for Digital Marketing Program

WordPress Website Development [Blog/Ecommerce]

– How to create a website on WordPress technology

– Understand your online presence

– CMS management

– Google Search Console Integration

– (You will be taught how to make your own website. Candidates will work on their websites and create an online presence)

SEO Training

– About Search Engine Optimization & Working

– How Search Engines Work (Google)

– Keyword Research Strategies

– Types of Keywords

– Keyword Application

– Keyword Research for Ecommerce

– Keyword Oriented Content

On Page Optimizations

– On page factors for Search Engine (Google)

– On Page Optimizations Techniques and other Algorithms

– Content Optimization

– Google Insights / Trends

– Google Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird Update

Off Page Optimizations

– What is Link Building?

– Link Building Strategy

– Directory Submission

– Social Bookmarking

– Article Submission

– Press Release

– Blog Submission

– Forum Postings, Forum Submission & Applications

– Question Answers Portals

– Classified Submissions


Google AdSense

– Learn How to Earn from Google

– How AdSense Works

– Legal Policies of Google Earning program

– Account Creation

– Code Installation

– (Show how to put AdSense in a Website and also the dashboard of AdSense and Revenue earning by a Blogger)

PPC Training

Google AdWords

– Search Advertising Module

– Display Advertising Module

– Re Targeting Module

– Remarketing

– Branding VIA Paid Networks

– Ads on Google/Facebook

Key Training Areas – PPC

– On page Optimization for Paid Marketing

– Landing Page Creation

– Ad Making Strategies

– Geo targeting of Ads

– Bidding

– Campaign Designing

– Campaign Optimization

– Conversion Tracking


– (Discuss Case Studies of clients – Mistakes made by most of Campaign Manager)

Blogging/Content Marketing & Management

– Types of Blogging/ How to do blogging

– Content Generation/ Content Distribution

– Content for Various Networks

– Professional Blogging

– WordPress Blog

– Guest Blogging/ Micro Blogging

– Tools to know before blogging

– Content Marketing Plan

– Building trust, authority and brand with content

– Write killer headlines

– Write quality articles

– Meme Marketing and Moment Marketing

– Content Distribution, Content Calendar

– Content Writing Tools

– Create Image content quickly

– Create animation content quickly

– Create video content quickly

– (Each student will write a blog which will be published by our associate to provide motivation to the candidate& candidate will get credit/Recommendation on LinkedIn)

Social Media Marketing

– Competitive Research

– Audience Research

– Leveraging Facebook Groups

– Setting up a social media ad account

– Facebook ads, Facebook Retargeting

– Create high engagement content

– Make consistent posting easier

– Ways to Monetize your Social
Business Accounts (Page)


– Creating Strong Profiles on Facebook

– Creating Pages & Groups, Advertising on social media

– Lead Generation, Branding on Facebook

– (Each candidate will create his/her own Facebook page and group)


– Best Practice& Benefits of Pinterest / Quora

– How to Use Pinterest / Quora for Customers

– (A live project will be assigned to each candidate)


– LinkedIn – Internet Marketing

– Creating Strong Profiles on LinkedIn

– Creating Company Profiles

– Advertising on social media

– Branding on LinkedIn, Company pages

– (Each candidate will be asked to use LinkedIn Publication and improve his/her profile)


– Creating Strong Profiles on Twitter

– Product Brand Promotion Activities

– Retweet, Hashtags, Twitter Trend


– Creating Strong Profiles on Instagram

– Product Brand Promotion Activities

– Strategies of Instagram (Monthly plan)


– Video Optimizations

– Video Marketing

– (Learners will look at Company’s social media Page like Facebook to give a real scenario. Facebook campaign of clients will be shown and discussed for a better understanding)

Affiliate Marketing

– What is Affiliate Marketing?

– How to Sell through Affiliates

– How to make money

– Branding Through Affiliate Marketing

– Affiliate Management Agencies

– Merchant, Affiliate, Market & Customer

– Product & Service Marketing

– Traffic from Affiliate Network

– Commission Based Lead Generation

– Profitable Niche Product Promotion

– Affiliate Tracking

– Expanding Business through Affiliate Marketing


– SEO for E commerce

– Paid Marketing for E commerce

– International Ecommerce strategy

– E commerce CMS Management

– Gateway Providers & Policies

– Landing Page Optimization for Ecommerce

– Mobile Payments

– Core Selling Strategies (Show E- Commerce backend processes)

Web Google Analytics

Part 1. Google Analytics Basics

– How Google Analytics works

– Accounts Management in Google Analytics

– Profiling in Google Analytics and users

– Google Analytics Navigation

– Basic Metrics in Google Analytics

– Google Analytics Reports

Part 2. Analytics Intelligence

– Setup Automatic Intelligence Alerts

Part 3. Google Analytics – Advanced Segments

– How to use advanced segments in Google Analytic

– How to create custom advanced segments

Part 4. Content Data Interpretation

– Pages and Landing Pages data

– Event Tracking in Analytics

– Google AdSense

– Interpretation of Site Search data

Part 5. Visitors Data Interpretation

– Tracking Unique visitors to site

– Tracking visitors according to Geographic location

– Understanding Technical reports

– Understanding Benchmarking

Part 6. Defining Goals & Ecommerce Tracking

– How to set up goals

– Understanding Goal reports & Ecommerce tracking in Analytics

Graphics / Visuals Creation

– Role of Graphics on social media

– How to Create Visual Ideas

– How to make Visuals without Technical Knowledge using free tools like Canva and more.

– (Each candidate will create 4 Visuals)


Email Marketing

– Types Email Marketing

– Email Marketing Servers

– Email Marketing Application / Software

– Email Database Management

– Email Data Extraction & Collection

– Free Email Marketing Apps

– Transactional emails, Direct emails, Opt-in email

– Unconfirmed opt-in

– Confirmed opt-in (COI)

– Email Newsletters

– Tracking Email Conversions


– Deployment of your WordPress Site project on cPanel.


– Each student will have a project to complete in order to demonstrate their understanding both during and after the course.