Web Google Analytics

Part 1. Google Analytics Basics

– How Google Analytics works

– Accounts Management in Google Analytics

– Profiling in Google Analytics and users

– Google Analytics Navigation

– Basic Metrics in Google Analytics

– Google Analytics Reports

Part 2. Analytics Intelligence

– Setup Automatic Intelligence Alerts

Part 3. Google Analytics – Advanced Segments

– How to use advanced segments in Google Analytic

– How to create custom advanced segments

Part 4. Content Data Interpretation

– Pages and Landing Pages data

– Event Tracking in Analytics

– Google AdSense

– Interpretation of Site Search data

Part 5. Visitors Data Interpretation

– Tracking Unique visitors to site

– Tracking visitors according to Geographic location

– Understanding Technical reports

– Understanding Benchmarking

Part 6. Defining Goals & Ecommerce Tracking

– How to set up goals

– Understanding Goal reports & Ecommerce tracking in Analytics

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