PPC Training

Google AdWords

– Search Advertising Module

– Display Advertising Module

– Re Targeting Module

– Remarketing

– Branding VIA Paid Networks

– Ads on Google/Facebook

Key Training Areas – PPC

– On page Optimization for Paid Marketing

– Landing Page Creation

– Ad Making Strategies

– Geo targeting of Ads

– Bidding

– Campaign Designing

– Campaign Optimization

– Conversion Tracking


– (Discuss Case Studies of clients – Mistakes made by most of Campaign Manager)

Blogging/Content Marketing & Management

– Types of Blogging/ How to do blogging

– Content Generation/ Content Distribution

– Content for Various Networks

– Professional Blogging

– WordPress Blog

– Guest Blogging/ Micro Blogging

– Tools to know before blogging

– Content Marketing Plan

– Building trust, authority and brand with content

– Write killer headlines

– Write quality articles

– Meme Marketing and Moment Marketing

– Content Distribution, Content Calendar

– Content Writing Tools

– Create Image content quickly

– Create animation content quickly

– Create video content quickly

– (Each student will write a blog which will be published by our associate to provide motivation to the candidate& candidate will get credit/Recommendation on LinkedIn)

Social Media Marketing

– Competitive Research

– Audience Research

– Leveraging Facebook Groups

– Setting up a social media ad account

– Facebook ads, Facebook Retargeting

– Create high engagement content

– Make consistent posting easier

– Ways to Monetize your Social
Business Accounts (Page)


– Creating Strong Profiles on Facebook

– Creating Pages & Groups, Advertising on social media

– Lead Generation, Branding on Facebook

– (Each candidate will create his/her own Facebook page and group)


– Best Practice& Benefits of Pinterest / Quora

– How to Use Pinterest / Quora for Customers

– (A live project will be assigned to each candidate)


– LinkedIn – Internet Marketing

– Creating Strong Profiles on LinkedIn

– Creating Company Profiles

– Advertising on social media

– Branding on LinkedIn, Company pages

– (Each candidate will be asked to use LinkedIn Publication and improve his/her profile)


– Creating Strong Profiles on Twitter

– Product Brand Promotion Activities

– Retweet, Hashtags, Twitter Trend


– Creating Strong Profiles on Instagram

– Product Brand Promotion Activities

– Strategies of Instagram (Monthly plan)


– Video Optimizations

– Video Marketing

– (Learners will look at Company’s social media Page like Facebook to give a real scenario. Facebook campaign of clients will be shown and discussed for a better understanding)

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