NodeJS Runtime Environment Setup

Node JS

– Server Request Response Cycle (Server-Side apps)

– Introduction to NodeJS

– Node package manager (NPM)

– Node modules, Node CLI, Global Object

– Creating http server with NodeJS

– Working on core NODE API

– Asynchronous and event loop in NodeJS

Express JS

– Introduction to framework and Express

– Middleware, Routing

– HTTP Protocol, Http Request Object, Http Response Object

– Token Based authentication using JWT

– OAUTH Protocol, Error Handling

Mongo DB

– Introduction to database and existing database around

– Understanding Document Based Database

– Introduction to MongoDB (collections and documents)

– CRUD operations using shell command

– Using Mongodb Native driver with Node

– Database modelling using ODM (Mongoose?)

– Using robomongo/compass (ui based database system)

– Indexing

– Update, insert delete and upsert documents

– Aggregation pipeline in mongodb

– Map,reduce

Tier Application and REST API:(* day)

– Introduction to API

– Introduction to REST Architecture

– Rest Verbs and usages (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)

– Building APIs with expressJS

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