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UI/UX Course, Internship 2023


The evolution of technologies has significantly transformed our digital transformation. Consequently, many companies, businesses, and organizations are undergoing a transition towards digitalization. However, in the digital age where competition is fierce and people’s attention spans are short, a well-executed UI/UX design becomes paramount. Ultimately, a good UI/UX design not only attracts clients but also leads to success and longevity on digital platforms.

Why did UX came into being ?

Tech is growing, so our interactions with it are getting more digital. Hence,the reason UX came into being.

Why UI came in ?

Although ,people wanted computers to be easier to use, the UI (User Interface) changed a lot. In the 70s and 80s, things got better with graphical user interfaces (GUI). Once GUIs started using windows and icons, they became a lot easier for people who aren’t tech-savvy to use. The UI has gotten way cooler with time. It now has voice, web, mobile, AR, and VR interfaces, so it’s easier and more fun to use.

Whereas, in the digital world, you may have heard about the phrases UI and UX.

What exactly does this term mean?

So, from the user’s point of view, UX is about making the product fun to use, while UI is about making it look cool. The goal is to give the user an awesome experience .

Eg: While watching YouTube videos, the comments on the right side, description, and color that we see are UI.
Eg: While using Facebook, message dropout by mistake then it is bad user experience

When we talk about “UI/UX,” which is like a familiar term, those two things are actually different. Most people get confused about UI and UX.

Role, Task and Responsibilities:

But, UI/UX plays essential roles for product development. Though UI/UX contribute their expertise in designing to create and improve products optimization. See more…

UX designer

So, the role of a UX designer involves enhancing the user experience of products and services. By focusing on making products more functional, accessible, and delightful, their ultimate goal is to elevate the overall user experience.They achieved by focusing on these key points:

  • User Research: UX designer interact with products and finds user research to understand their goals and needs.
  • User Journey Mapping: UX designers create maps, how users interact with products, finding issues or areas to improve. Their goal is to make experiences user-friendly and smooth.
  • Wireframing and Prototyping: UX designers use basic layouts and interactive models to show the structure and functionality of products.
  • Usability testing: By collecting user feedback through testing to identify useability issues and reconsider the design.
  • Visual Design : UX designer also focuses on appealing and determined user interface by choosing proper color, typography and imagination.
  • Collaboration: UX designers even collaborate with cross-functional teams ,including developers and stakeholders for ensuring implementation of design is effective.
  • Continuous improvement and Iterative: UX designers improve the design based and Iterative refining based on user feedback and data analysis.

UI Designer

UI designers have a primary focus on enhancing the visual experience for users. They play a crucial role in determining how users interact with applications, websites, or video games. By carefully considering user navigation and using visual touch points, they create seamless and intuitive experiences. For instance, imagine installing an app with stunning visuals and effortless usability.

  • Let’s take the example of a tap button in an application or swiping on social media. A UI designer examines these actions to make them easier for users. Their goal is to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience for users..
  • Imagine installing an app with stunning visuals and seamless usability. The UI designer skill uses patterns, spacing, and colors to guide you through the app, making navigation easy and saving you time. The result is a smooth and enjoyable user experience from start to finish.

UI designers have several main tasks, including:

  • Designing UI elements: They create visually appealing buttons, icons, scrollbars and sliders that enhance the user interface.
  • Designing interactivity: They determine how elements should behave when interacted with, ensuring intuitive and seamless user interactions.
  • Designing individual screens: They craft the layout of each screen, carefully considering element placement, spacing, and visual hierarchy to create an intuitive user experience. They also consider responsive design to ensure the app looks and functions well on different screen sizes.
  • Using color theory: UI designers leverage their understanding of color to create an attractive and harmonious color palette that enhances the overall visual appeal of the user interface.

Comparison of UI/UX

This image shows the comparison between UI and UX.

UI (User Interface) is about the visual design and navigation of a product, making it visually appealing and easy to use.Hence UX (User Experience) is about the overall user experience, including functionality and efficiency. Both UI and UX are important for creating a successful and user-friendly product.

In a travel booking app, UI (User Interface) deals with how it looks and is easy to use. UX (User Experience) focuses on making the entire process smooth and satisfying for users.


Hence degree is not always required for UX /UI design, but it can open up more job opportunities. Moreover, UI/UX focuses on important aspects like UI fundamentals, UX design concepts, user research, wireframing, prototyping, and design. You can also learn about color, typography, design elements, trends, and responsive design and getting qualifications in these areas will enhance your UI/UX design skills and boost your chances of finding excellent job opportunities.


UI/UX course are gaining popularity in Nepal due to growing use of websites, mobile apps, and digitalization. People appreciate UI/UX for its user-friendly design and easy understanding. Skills Shikshya under the management of Vrit Technologies actively offers a Diploma course in User interface and User Experience design. For more courses visit IT Training Kathmandu.

Internships in UI/UX:

After completing courses, internships provide hands-on experience in UI/UX designing. You will work in a real environment, gaining a thorough understanding of UI/UX. For internships you can visit Vrit Jobs.

UI/UX Job Options 2023 :

The most demanding and trending job position is UI/UX. It requires advising the Front-end developers about the necessary and best layout and design for web pages and applications.

UI/UX Designer Responsibilities:

  • Designing user-friendly web layouts based on feedback and business needs.
  • Incorporating suggestions for appealing designs.
  • Bridging the gap between graphic design and front-end development teams.
  • Converting requirements into well-designed elements.
  • Identifying and fixing UI problems.
  • Collaborating with product and management teams for product page layouts.
  • Creating responsive designs for computers and mobile devices.

To be a successful UI/UX designer, you need:

  • Strong knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and frameworks.
  • Awareness of industry trends and user behavior, even graphic design skills and creativity.
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills and ability to detail and focus on delivering quality user experiences.
  • Ability to create blend colors, shapes, placements, and techniques.
  • Problem-solving ability to overcome design challenges.

UI/UX designers have job options in various industries like companies and technology. In entry-level roles, designers create visual designs based on plans, considering all factors. Salaries for such roles can range from 30,000 to 40,000.To earn a higher salary, it’s important to prove your skills on various platforms and finish projects that showcase your abilities. Beginning your career by working with organizations is a great way to gain experience in the field.


In summary, UI/UX designers are in high demand because they create appealing and easy-to-use web layouts and applications. UI/UX designers collaborate with teams, collect user feedback, and use their technical skills to create smooth and enjoyable user experiences. They play a vital role in shaping the digital world by combining their technical expertise, creativity, and focus on user needs.

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